About Angkor Travel Photography

About Angkor Travel Photography

An Englishman, a Frenchman, and an Italian in Cambodia…

…It might sound like the beginning of a joke, but is in fact the foundation story behind Angkor Travel Photography, a partnership between three professional photographers all living in Siem Reap, Cambodia for years.

Alessandro Vannucci, Régis Binard and Chris Cusick, united by a passion for photography and teaching, since 2012 have been offering guided photography workshops throughout Cambodia and beyond. Rémi Abad, photographer and journalist based in Siem Reap, joined the team in 2022 after Chris moved to Canada with his growing family.

United by a passion for photography and teaching, since 2012 we have been offering guided photography workshops throughout Cambodia and beyond. Since the very beginning, we’ve operated under the mantra of “By Photographers. For Photographers” and so all of our tours are built from the ground up with photographers in mind. We aim to capture the best light and skip the crowds, and with every member of our team having lived in Cambodia for multiple years, our extensive local knowledge and long-standing relationships enable us to provide an unrivalled experience to all of our guests.

Skilled in a variety of styles from portrait to landscape, and from street to night photography, we’ve now shared our unique approach, technical knowledge and passion for photography with over 2,000 happy guests; we hope you’ll join us for an unforgettable adventure of your own – we can’t wait to share our insider knowledge to help you capture incredible images of this amazing country!

Meet The Team

Alessandro Vannucci Photographer


Photographer & Tour Leader - Co-founder - English / Italian

“Ale” is a freelance photographer specializing in reportage and humanitarian photography, documenting the development of non-profits through his photography and videography. He has a vast amount of experience as a photography and film-making workshop host, having led photographic adventures all over the world, including India, Vietnam, Morocco, Myanmar, and Cambodia. He teaches a wide array of subjects and techniques from time-lapse to iPhoneography, and from infrared photography to post-production software, as well as more traditional stills photography. Ale is passionate about documenting traditional culture and architecture in moody natural light. He lives in Siem Reap since 2008 with his wife and two sons.

Regis Binard Photographer


Photographer & Tour Leader - Co-founder - English / French

Régis has been a professional freelance photographer for more than 20 years, traveling all over the world working in photojournalism and humanitarian photography. He first began working with a French non-profit, travelling throughout Central and Southeast Asia as both photographer and project manager. In 2011, Régis moved to Cambodia permanently, wherefrom he has supported international and local NGOs, corporations, and editorial outlets ever since. He prides himself on creating images that are documentary in nature, with no posed images; his natural rapport with people and communication skills enable him to have meaningful interactions with people, translating into more meaningful photographs. Regis lives in Siem Reap with his wife and two daughters.

Rémi Abad Photographer


Photographer & Tour Leader - Journalist - English / French

Hunting for the significant image, documenting daily life and always putting humans into the frame: that’s probably the 3 rules guiding the practice of photography since Remi handled a Nikon Fm decades ago. Starting from analog camera was a perfect way to learn all of the basic rules, from settings to framing. His enthusiasm increased when the digital era came. Since then, Rémi traveled around Europe and Asia, always in quest of more images. Going deep into cultures, trying to document human beings without any judgment and referring to “humanist photography” have always been his main purpose.
Settled in Cambodia since 2013, Rémi works as a journalist and compulsively takes tons of shots of this amazing and beloved country.


Let our experienced guides lead you on an unforgettable adventure through the heart of Cambodia, taking in amazing sights and capturing incredible photos along the way.

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