Smartphone Photography Workshops

Capturing the Beauty of a Timeless Land with your smartphone

Smartphone Photography Workshops

Capturing the Beauty of a Timeless Land with your smartphone

Smartphone photography in Cambodia

“The best camera is the one you have with you”


In these last years the endless improvement of smartphone cameras has drastically changed travel photography.
Smartphone photography is now universally used by amateurs and professional photographers as well as a creative tool: even if they don’t have all the features and accessories you can find on the traditional cameras they have few advantages: very fast and easy to use, big screen, pocket size, more discreet and less intimidating, and with the capability to edit “on the road” for sharing our pics with the rest of the world in realtime.

“With us you will learn how to use your smartphone in a creative way, how to do a better composition and how to understand the light”

With our help you will learn not only the best shooting technique but also how to maximize the use of some apps: we will recommend you some of the most creative and easiest apps, for both iOS and Android.

What you will learn:

  • Smartphone camera, pros & cons
  • Tips and tricks: how to maximize the features of your smartphone
  • Basic composition rules and “point of interest”
  • Learning about different light conditions
  • How to manage the exposure in high contrast light scenes
  • How to drastically improve your photos in few seconds using easy and free apps

Whether you are exploring a hidden temple, visiting a local market, or simply spending time with friends, your smartphone is always ready to capture the moment.

All our tours are also available for smartphone photographers

All photos were taken and edited with a smartphone

Educational & Enlightening

“Thanks Alex for giving us a detailed and understandable instructions on how to best utilize our iPhones for photography! We learned so much and…” read more

Fit_craig - USA

Accommodating, gracious, and an amazing photography teacher.

“We only had our iPhones, Regis was able to increase our understanding of basic photography principles and work with us to refine our understanding of the subject we are using. We had a great time…” read more

jakenousomme - USA

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