Are you planning a trip to Angkor and wondering what the difference is between a classic tour and a photography tour? Well, let us tell you, there’s quite a difference and both are supposed to be nice and absolutely complementary!


First things first, let’s talk about the classic tour. You know the one, where you get on a bus with a bunch of other tourists and a guide tells you all about the history of the temples. It’s informative, sure, but let’s be real, it can be a bit boring…

Well, let me tell you a little secret – going on a classic tour in private is like wearing a custom-made suit. It’s just so much more flexible, my friend! With a private classic tour, it’s just you, your guide, and the freedom to create your own adventure. Especially when you embark on a tour guided by someone who exudes enthusiasm and possesses an unwavering passion for their country, its rich history, and the majestic Angkor temples that dot its landscape, your experience becomes infinitely more enriching.

The sheer energy and excitement that radiate from your guide are contagious, igniting a sense of curiosity and wonder within you. As they regale you with captivating tales of ancient civilizations, their love for their homeland shines through, making each historical anecdote come alive. Their deep knowledge and genuine eagerness to share it with you ensure that every step you take on this journey is filled with awe and appreciation. Brace yourself for an unforgettable adventure, where the enthusiasm of your tour guide becomes the catalyst for an extraordinary experience.

These trips are highly recommended for history lovers but why not get in touch with a photographer to view Angkor via your lens if you enjoy photography or just want a fresh perspective?


Ok, let’s talk about the photography tour. This is where things get even more interesting for you if you read this post. You’ll be led by a professional photographer who knows the Angkor temples like the back of his hand.

Are you ready for the ultimate photography experience? We have got you covered!

Angkor Photography Tour

Our private photography tour is designed to take your skills to the next level and capture breathtaking images. Imagine having your very own personal paparazzi, minus the intrusive headlines. It’s like being a celebrity without the fame and fortune, but who needs that when you can have a tour tailored specifically to your needs? Take all the bathroom breaks you want, spend hours perfecting that one shot of a monkey eating your hotel’s snack without feeling rushed

The temples are yours to explore! So grab your camera, don your best photographer’s hat (or beret, if you’re feeling fancy), and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime. Your private photography tour is waiting for you!


But wait, there’s more! The photography tours also offer the opportunity to see and photograph another side of Siem Reap beyond the temples. You’ll get to explore the local markets, interact with the locals in villages or on the Tonle Sap Lake, and capture the essence of Cambodia in a way that a classic tour simply can’t provide.

Photography Tour Angkor

We will give you the opportunity to interact with monks, hear their stories, and maybe even learn a few quirky phrases in Khmer from an old woman in the countryside. These extra tours are all about capturing the essence of Siem Reap in a way that a classic tour simply can’t provide. So grab your camera and get ready for an unforgettable, laughter-filled journey through the hidden gems of this incredible country!


If you’re thinking of embarking on a classic tour to explore the temples and history of Cambodia, we’ve got a little piece of advice for you.

While it’s all well and good to have a passionate and fascinating guide to teach you about the wonders of this ancient land, we strongly believe that a photography tour should be at the top of your list!

Why, you ask? Well, because we’re just as obsessed with Cambodia and photography as you are (if you ended up here), and we’re always ready to share our knowledge and passion with you. So, get your cameras ready, folks, because we’re about to capture some epic shots and make memories that will last a lifetime!

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