One of the things we’ve enjoyed most about the last decade in Asia has been the opportunity to learn, be that about another culture, a language, or some entirely unrelated skill or passion that just so happened to blossom while out of our comfort zones.

Craving decent western food in a far-flung corner of South Korea, I took my home-cooking skills to a new level (and have been forced to be creative, courtesy of a fussy fiancé 😉 ). Alessandro caught the gardening bug, though now knows to check the trees for snakes before getting to work with the clippers 😉 . Régis has found great pleasure in the intricate details of Cambodian tax law… we wish; I’m hoping that because this is now written on the internet that it will become true 😉 – worth a try, eh?

While our journeys into photography are all different, at some point in our lives we were all inspired to pick up a camera and had the chance to nurture our new-found interests. While living in South Korea, I was lucky enough to have an excellent community of experienced photographers around me, keen to share tips and help me find my feet in the photographic world. To this day, I still count many of those “mentors” among my close friends. Sadly, that same kind of community doesn’t exist in Cambodia, but we’d love to change that and give our friends and fans a chance to grow together under the guidance of other experienced photographers.

Our journey began as a team of enthusiastic educators, keen to pass on our knowledge to shutterbugs travelling to the region. We’ve welcomed guests from all over the world, and now have photography-loving friends in places we could never have imagined, like Guatemala, Finland, and Myanmar. Along the way, however, we realised that we perhaps haven’t been serving the local photographic community as best we could. With our newly announced budget-friendly Weekend Workshops, we’re hoping to change that.

Starting July 3rd, and every following weekend, we’ll be running affordable join-in group sessions tailored to a variety of lifestyles; we want our fun-filled workshops to be available to all. Our 2-day itineraries will fit into lifestyle of the typical nine-to-fiver living here in Cambodia, safe in the knowledge you’ll make it back to work in time for Monday morning. Others will cater to those with a little more time on their hands, who have some more flexibility with their schedule, perhaps through flexible working practices or an unexpected summer spent in Cambodia owing to the current lockdown of international borders. Sessions will be conducted in a variety of languages, and we’ll be adding new and exciting locations each week. Why not check out what we already have planned and see what takes your fancy?

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Of course, regular tourists are always welcome on the weekend walks, too. In fact, we encourage you to join; what better way to learn about Cambodia than to be teamed up with a group of likeminded photo enthusiasts who call the Kingdom “Home”, at least for the time being. We’ve always built easy-going, fun-loving group dynamics and expect nothing less with our exciting new workshops. Whether you’re from 5,000km away, or living just around the corner here in Siem Reap, we hope you’ll join us for a weekend of photo fun sometime soon.

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